Crypto-, debit- or credit card?
Or just all in one?
You decide, how you want to pay.


You can easily integrate our Plug-in as a merchant in your online store and accept crypto.

Token Sale

With our headquarter in Liechtenstein we provide maximum security and transparency for our Investors.

What is NOBOBOX?

Nobobox means "NO BORING BOX" - a box full of exciting and innovative payment possibilities.
We offer an integral attempt for the revolutionary way of shopping with crypto, with our business segment PLUG'N'PAY and the NOBOCARD hybrid. Now you can easily benefit enjoy more freedom.
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Power of Nobobox

Pay with every currency

For the first time it is possible for customers to shop as usual but also with crypto.

1.) Alice wants to order her favorite book online. If Alice registers with Nobobox, she can simply save Bitcoin etc. in her Nobowallet, mix currencies up and pay.

Power of Cross-chain

Simply pay "cross-chain"

With Nobobox customers can use different currencies in means of payment and the merchant still receives his accepted currency.

2.) Even though Alice pays with Bitcoin, the merchant Bob can accept every other currency and always receives the currency of his choice, e.g. Litecoin.

Power of simplicity

Instant Payment

Long transaction times are over - Nobobox stands for Instant Payment. The payment amount is instantly in the receivers wallet.

3.) The merchant Bob receives his payment in the form of Litecoins. It’s up to him, if he keeps Litecoins, withdrawals or disburse the amount in fiatmoney.

New standards in ITS security

Fairness and transparency are important to us. With the first successful commercial Smart Contract audit in cooperation with Kaspersky Lab, we want to set new standards in ITS security in order to create the best basic conditions for our investors.

This check guarantees that the ITS rules described in the white paper reflect the functionality of the Smart Contract. The detailed evaluation report following the Kaspersky Lab review also provided important recommendations prior to the initial token sale.


With NOBOCARD hybrid you have all freedoms of payment.
Crypto-/Debit-, or credit card? Or both? Let it be the breakfast in your favorite cafe or the train ticket to your family or friends. You can choose and enjoy.

Hybrid Revolution
Be independent and pay like you want to.
Mix up your wallet
Use more than one currency at the same time to pay.
Safety First
We secure your data with the advanced safety structures.
Benefit from the cash back system
You benefit with every payment from our attractive cashback.

Total overall view and control

You can benefit always and everywhere from our advantages. With the Nobowallet in your pocket you always have the overview - on vacation or at home. iPhone or android, tablet or laptop, easy and convenient.

All in real time. Always and everywhere.

Our App can show you in one click a total overview about your income and expenditure. You receive the latest market values in real time and can even choose your preferred form of payment. You don’t want to miss anything? Than set up push notifications for the changes of courses, so you can always benefit from the best exchange rate. Virtual or physical card? As you like it.

Upgrade your shop with PLUG'N'PAY

PLUG'N'PAY is absolutely revolutionary, because with our plug-in can merchants lift their online shop up to the next level in terms of payment. PLUG'N'PAY will be provided for different shop systems and offers the merchant the possibility to integrate crypto in their shop as payment option next to existing payment functions.

1. Pay with different crypto currencies at the same time.
2. Look at the latest exchange rates.
3. The purchase price is indicated in Euro and can be paid with crypto.
4. Shows all accepted currencies at a glance.
5. Nobobox transforms the purchase price in the merchants preferred currency.
6. Benefit with every purchase with Nobobox and receive your reward in form of Nobotoken.
With focus on:


Cash Out

Simply offer crypto in means of payment in your shop. Decide yourself, which ones you want to accept.


Only empty words?

No empty promises, instead there are attractive payment possibilities. We would love to support you!


Business out of the box

New and innovative payment possibilities with crypto? Plug'n'pay makes it possible.

All advantages at a glance

Our best features

The combination of unique services and trendsetting technologies makes Nobobox unique. We do our best every day to make crypto shopping as easy as possible.


Krypto to go

With our NOBOCARD hybrid it is possible to pay everywhere in the world.

Pay & chill

Carefree Independence -
through diverse and combinable payment possibilities.

Shopping is worth it

Profit from Nobobox with our innovative and attractive cashback system.


Not cryptic at all

You can integrate our plug-in in only a few steps and accept crypto.

Next level payment

Crypto lifts your online shop up to the next level in terms of payment. You should try it.


Nobobox means improved performance, more fun and at the same time less fees.

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Our business model

All information about our business model is presented in a simple and clear whitepaper. Detailed information can be found in the Investor Deck.

Investor Deck
Token Sale - Vereinbarung
Privacy policy

Token Sale

The Nobotoken (NBX) is the core and simultaneously the connecting element of all our services. With the participation at the token sale it’s your unique possbility to become a part of Nobobox.

Here you can benefit from the token sale bonus:

Phase 1
7 days
20% Bonus
Phase 2
7 days
18% Bonus
Phase 3
7 days
16% Bonus
Phase 4
7 days
14% Bonus
Phase 5
7 days
12% Bonus
Phase 6
7 days
10% Bonus
Phase 7
7 days
8% Bonus
Phase 8
7 days
6% Bonus
Phase 9
7 days
4% Bonus
Phase 10
7 days
2% Bonus
Token Sale Start10.02.2019
  • Token Symbol NBX
  • Token Sale start 10th February 2019
  • Token Sale end 10th August 2019
  • Start bonus 24h 2%
  • Token for sale 178.500.000
  • max. amount of token 350.000.000
  • Token price 1 ETH ~ 500 NBX
  • Soft Cap in ETH 15.000
  • Hard Cap in ETH 250.000

Usage of the NBX-Token

5% Legal, Consulting
15% Operating Costs
10% Hard-, Software
50% Development
20% PR, Marketing, Sales

Distribution of the NBX-Token

51% Tokensale
40% Reward, Cashflow
9% Backup
Travel in time


Since Q4 2017 we are working hard and continuously to put the idea
"no boring box" into reality, and are ambitious to build up our system in the future.

2017 Q4
  • brainstorming
  • planning stage
2018 Q1
  • First whitepaper
  • Strategy plan
  • Expansion of the development team
2018 Q2
  • System Integration of the ETH-blockchian function
  • Start of smart contract development
2018 Q3
  • In-house-testing of the Backend
  • Beta Version of the token sale website
2018 Q4
  • Company founding and brand registration
  • Marketing strategy
2019 Q1
  • development of the wallet-functionality
  • Start Initial Token Sale
2019 Q2
  • prototype Plug'n'Pay
  • 40% of the software architecture
  • Deep testing
2019 Q3
  • Launch NOBOCARD
  • security audits
2019 Q4
more features
  • development of further modules and features
2020 Q1
performance tunings
  • Expansion of the development team
2020 Q2
  • Launch in other countries
Nobobox family

Our Team

Danny Krauspenhaar
CEO & Founder

successful entrepreneur, leads and accompanies multinational companies since many years

Ronny Wetzig
COO & Founder

international consultant and projects manager, expert for business development

Helene Stil

Head of marketing, strategic brand leading and organizational talent

Ricardo Gaertner

many different leading positions, Finance and Banking experiences, analyst

Anett Brenke

long-time business consultant, competence for human resource development

Sophia Krauspenhaar
Business Management

language and business administration, marketing and management

Friedrich Raschwitz
Core Developer

IT Specialist, Development and integrity of the Smart contract functionality

Vasanth Naib
Frontend Developer

international support for the frontend and design, head of UI-Team

Thrilochan Ramakrishna
Frontend Developer

User-experience, Support for our first online appearance

Abhilash Gopalakrishna
Frontend Developer

capture of the UX for the Nobobox web experience with prototypes

Abhishek Matada
Frontend Developer

creation of dashboard pages of the nobobox web experience with prototypes

David Stil

Development of innovative interfaces, design of advertising material

Jannik Heinicke
Business Networking

Acquisition and maintenance of cooperations, coordination of marketing activities

Moritz Pindorek
Social Media

Communication and brand awareness

Advisory Board

Johann Schmidt
Board Advisor

Co- Initiator with an eye on the whole, software architecture and technical conception

Jan Heinicke
Board Advisor

Networking-expert, advisor for sales management and distribution strategy

Dr. Uta Großmann
Board Advisor

doctorate in language and communication science, marketing expert

Michael Fischer-Art
Board Advisor

Nobocard Illustrator, contacts to representatives from politics and economy

Supported by

Our partners


Frequently asked questions

In a quick overview, we put together important questions and answers. If there are unanswered questions, please feel free to fill out the contact paper.

A crypto currencies based company sells within an initial token sale (ITS) part of its tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts for financing the project and to develop it. This way of financing has developed to one of the most accepted procedures, to promote and improve projects. The Token Sale is comparable with crowdfunding on a own, independent platform. The development of our complex products and their integration cause a high development expenses. Therefore a big group of high qualified personnel is needed for example developer for frontend and backend, designer for UX, personnel for marketing and last but not least a law department. Financial resources for all those areas are needed to further develop the company. That's why we, the nobobox team, sell tokens in the form of an ITS to bild up our company rock solid.

1. Register with your Ethereum address on
2. In the following overview you will see the available bonus, which depends on the time and sales quantity. Here is valid: the sooner you buy, the higher is your bonus.
3. If you put in your sales quantity, you will receive a unique access code. True to the motto: Safety first! Now you have 30 minutes to conduct the Ethereum transaction under your unique access code. The this code is connected to your Ethereum address and expires after 5 minutes and a new one has to be generated because of security reasons.

The Nobotoken, given out by the Nobobox, are based on the technical standards of ERC-20 which proved itself with other crypto tokens. Those characteristics help the security which we use for the programming of our Nobotoken.
We will communicate our payment address only on our website. Payments can only be done on our website with your unique access code. The token transfer itself is a smart contract and works totally automatic, in doing so the Nobotoken directly connected with your ETH address in the blockchain. They will be sended to you right after your validation is successfully completed.

The value of our Nobotoken is derived from its concrete application within our entire ecosystem, e.g. through our Reward system in the form of Nobotoken. Outside of our ecosystem, our Nobotoken can be sold on supported exchange platforms so that the sale of Nobotoken can provide additional financial benefits to the owner of our Nobotoken. However, the selling price of our Nobotoken on exchange platforms is always determined by the existing offer and the current demand.


Support for your questions

Any more questions?
We would like to support you.

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